Essay: Use of UNIX Operating Systems

Essay: Use of UNIX Operating Systems
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Organizations have also been readily adopting the use of the UNIX-based operating system for running the software that they use for automation of their processes. These operating systems are built upon an open source code which allows the user to modify their core functionalities. UNIX based operating system offer several benefits to organizations, such as performance, stability and security, three of the most important feature needed to run process automation software in an organization. Furthermore, since much of the source code is distributed free of cost, it allows the developers of the process automation application to precise design and develops software, as well as modify the functionality of the operating system to suit the requirement of the application that they are developing. The preference given to these operating system is also because of the fact that,  other operating systems such as Windows are much more vulnerable to security attacks originating from within or outside the organization as also because these operating systems require a significant budget for their purchase (Diaz 2008).

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