Essay: Use of Video Conferencing Devices

Essay: Use of Video Conferencing Devices
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Business decisions play a key role in setting the direction of an organization as well as making effective use of the resources of an organization. While analysis of data and understanding of the information regarding the previous years of the organization are critical, the business decision is often made by a group of people from higher management.

Large organizations often face the problem that when it comes to business decision making, much of their top hierarchy is geographically separated and hence it becomes difficult for them to share information, argue on points and come to a decision at the same time. Therefore, many organizations make use of video conferencing technologies, which allow for the virtual gathering of people involved in decision making, remotely separated from each other. Video Conferencing makes used of advanced image and voice processing as well as communication devices to provide remote connectivity to multiple participants through a high-speed data connection. Each participant is able to hear and see all other participants as they were really in the same room. This allows for better discussion, sharing of information as well as a creation of virtual meeting environment where all participants give their perspective and come to know of any taken decision at the same time, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of business decision-making process (Spiderbox 2009).

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