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Math is not just a subject but an essential domain without which the entire operation of the world may come to a sudden halt. This is one system that has been in use for centuries.  It has such diversified uses and is so essentially applicable to so many aspects of human life that its importance can’t ever be ignored.

Considering our everyday lives, the one aspect which is most relevant with respect to the usage of math is in our finances. What and how much we buy, save, spend etc is all given the so-called meaningful shape with the help of mathematical calculations only. Business and trade all over the world would transform into nothingness without the existence of math.

If you are cooking, you need math to ascertain the quantities of ingredients, if you are an astronomer your knowledge of the universe would be zero without all those equations and calculations that help you dig deeper into the cosmos; whether you need to calculate the amount of gas needed to go from one place to another or you need to measure the depth of the ocean because of your interest in marine life- math is there every step of the way and there is absolutely no running away from it.

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