Essay: Uses of Cyborgs in Sports

Essay: Uses of Cyborgs in Sports
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The concept of Cyborgs applies a bit differently to the arena of sports. It not only includes the restorative and enhancing implants but also include steroids, body modifications as well as blood doping. The most common type of cyborgization that occurs in sports is the use of steroids, commonly the anabolic steroids.  Anabolic steroids are synthetically created but they function like male hormones. These are used by athletes to enhance their strength and performance beyond what their body is capable of doing naturally.  These medicines raise the level of testosterone in the body of the athletes, which then promotes the growth of muscles and bone in the body.

These medicines also allow the athletes to train for much longer period than they can do naturally, allowing them additional time to tone up their body as well as allowing the body to get used to the routine quickly.  However, these steroids can have side effects as well. Their excessive use can result in the conversion of extra testosterone into estrogen; can temporarily cause infertility as well as a reduction in sexual function and development of breast in males. In order to counter these side effects, athletes also take other drugs as well. The use of anabolic steroids can also result in the widening of the left ventricle. This can be counteracted by an increase in cardiovascular exercises.

It also causes an increase in blood pressure in both males and females due to the fact that it causes a decrease of high-density lipoprotein and increases in low-density lipoprotein. The term Blood doping refers to the three forms of adding blood cells to the blood stream. In the first form, blood cells from other persons of the same blood types are concentrated and transfused when the athlete is about going for an event. This type of blood doping is called homologous transfusion. In the second form, which is called the autologous, the athletes take out their blood before the competition and transfuse them back just before the event is about to start.  The third form of blood doping is done by injecting a hormone called erythropoietin.  This hormone increases the production of red blood cells in the body which in turn increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the body.

Blood doping usually occurs mostly in the sports which require a lot of endurance, such as cycling and cross-country skiing, because the extra capacity of carrying oxygen gained through the insertion of blood cells or hormones gives the athlete capacity to last longer in these events. There have also been used of prosthetics in the sports. The most common form of prosthetic and other enhancements that we witness in sports nowadays is the use of prosthetic legs as well as Tommy John surgery. The use of Tommy John surgery has resurrected the careers of many players the Major Basketball League in the US, allowing the pitcher to use more strength to throw the ball, and then they could before the surgery.  However, some of the practitioners of prosthetic surgery believe that these increases are nothing more than a perception.

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