Essay: Vaccinating Children

Essay: Vaccinating Children
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However, upon survey, numerous opinions were observed. Some said that they won’t let their child have a shot for immunization, no matter how serious the matter is. Some responded explaining the health of their children as the extreme priority. Some of them also confessed about being reluctant to force their children to get vaccinated. A woman declared her negligence towards the issue also. She stated that she is building her children’s immune system logically. She included that she won’t be hindering her children to participate in after-school activities just because of H1N1 issues (Mclean & Dale, 2009).

The death of Evan Frustalgio, although is a serious example of this lethal virus, yet it strained officials and coaches of minor hockey teams and schools to take necessary precautions as well.  As one of the coaches said, “This was a huge wake-up call for the hockey community.” coaches have ensured their vigilance over health issues also. The sharing of water bottles among players will be discouraged so as the handshakes exchanged after the game (Mclean & Dale, 2009).

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