Essay: Video Games and Their Effects on Children

Essay: Video Games and Their Effects on Children
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The invention of the computer led to intensive research looking for purposes for which it could be used. One of the uses that became popular in the 1970s was the video game. Video Games provided a new way for entertainment to the public and led to the creation of a separate video gaming industry which is worth over $21 billion dollars a year now (National Institute on Media and the Family, 2009).  Today, video games have moved on a long way from what they were at the beginning. They have steadily grown in complexity, graphics and in making use of new technologies with time, and, in comparison to early video games have a much more realistic feeling to them (Beatty, 2009).

The enhanced experience of video games has also raised the interest of people and game development companies have capitalized on it by releasing new games on a frequent basis. As a result, there has been a constant increase in the sales of video games throughout their life. These video games have gained popularity especially among children which has given rise to the effect of these video games on their mind and health. Numerous researches have been carried out to-date to investigate the effect of video games on children, hence, a large amount of literature is available online which discusses this issue from both positive and negative point of views. This research has also prompted discussion on the responsibilities of parents and the steps that they should consider to avoid problems that are related to the use of video games. In this paper, we review this literature and attempt to provide a picture to read of how the usage of video games is affecting children in both positive and negative ways and also discuss the responsibilities that parents should take on to ensure their children are kept away from the negative effects.

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