Essay: Why Video Games are Played for so Long

Essay: Why Video Games are Played for so Long
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A survey conducted on the amount of time spent by eight grade students playing video games found that 90% of boys and 66% of girls played video games at home or at another location (Jeanne B. Funk). Another study has shown that gamers can spend as much as 10 to 15 hours a day playing MMORPGs. In a detailed survey of 540 gamers, it was found that they spent more than 80 hours a week playing games which amounts to at least 11.5 hours a day spent gaming (BBC News).

The reasons given behind the fact that these games are played for such long periods of time are due to the social aspect of them. In single player games where the individual does not have any interaction with a human being there is no incentive or need for the individual to keep playing beyond a certain time limit. However, online gaming has a social aspect that is not only driven by a community of members but also competition.  Thus, the time required to remain a part of this community is not a small investment on the part of the player.

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