Essay: Virtual Library of Information

Essay: Virtual Library of Information
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For the investors, marketers and business professionals the London Book Fair is a virtual library of information and contacts for today are global publishing community. Last year there were over 23,000 attendees from 109 countries who came to Earl’s court to network with other business leaders. This year the event is expected to be even bigger with an even greater number of professionals expected to attend from overseas (Reed Exhibitions Limited).

There will be several sectors at the Fair each designated towards a different aspect of the publishing industry. From accounting to publishing solutions there will be several companies there to interact with and learn from. Publishers from different markets will be able to interact and learn about future trends

There is also an exclusive area dedicated to the international rights centre where they can negotiate face to face for the best deals in literacy, television and film rights. The timing of the event, i.e., in the spring makes this the most important time of the year for selling such rights.

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