Essay: Virtualization Feature of z9 Mainframes

Essay: Virtualization Feature of z9 Mainframes
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The IBM System z9 Mainframe facilitates the maximum utilization of its various resources through the use of Virtualization technology, which simulates the multiple instances of I/O resources as well as processors on a single machine. It provides a logical view instead of a physical view of data, computing power and storage capabilities of the System z9 Mainframe, which allows for better sharing of infrastructure with improved access to information as well as restriction of infrastructure sprawl and the security risks which are associated with it. One of the important implementation of virtualization feature in System z9 is N_Port ID virtualization. It is based on an extension of the Fiber Channel standards which permits the host bus adapter to perform multiple logins to the SAN fabric via a single physical port. This feature can be used to permit shared access simultaneously to the same SAN device (Bitner & Wade, 2008).

The Future – IBM System z10

In February 2008, IBM proceeded to the next level of enterprise computing by announcing IBM System z10 line of Mainframes. The System z10 series is the first IBM family to be powered by the z10 quad-core processing engine and has an improved architecture called z/Architecture 2. In addition to these features, it implements several new features such as the addition of new instructions to improve the performance and efficiency of the compiled code, single logical partition support for all processors as well Capacity on Demand Enhancements (Hares, 2008).

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