Essay: Vision of Etihad Airways

Essay: Vision of Etihad Airways
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From inception to now, Etihad Airways has added several feathers in its cap. It has won three awards for Leading New Airline of the Year in 2004 and the next two years as well awarded by the World Travel Awards (Etihad Airways, 2008). Etihad Airways has received a four star ranking from SKYTRAX, a consultancy in the UK for airline research (SKYTRAX, 2009). In 2008, Etihad Airways won three prestigious crowns from World Travel Awards for Middle East’s Leading Airline, Middle East’s Leading Airline Website and Middle East’s Leading First Class (World Travel Awards, 2008).


Etihad Airways has a very simple, yet meaningful vision. They want to become a true Middle Eastern Airline that symbolizes Arabian hospitality and culture and traditions. Also, they aim to be innovative and inline with technology to be a leading twenty first century airline. Moreover, they plan to stay “in touch with” customers’ needs and expectations and providing a relaxing environment (Etihad Airways, 2008).

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