Essay: Volcanic Hazard mapping theme

Essay: Volcanic Hazard mapping theme
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This theme is designed in a way that all of its mechanism aims at monitoring volcanic activities globally. In an effort to do so, it lays emphasis on the study of lahars (mudflows)[1]. Through the use of a combined thermal and optical remote.  This mapping theme is globally accepted as a remedy to address the hazards of geologic origin through volcanic hazard mapping of mudflow globally.  The relevancy is the concept and view that Lahars were observed to be powerful forces capable of moving great quantities of material over long distances within a short period of time; which deposits sediments of varied thickness.

This Lahars movement is so powerful that has high capabilities of destroying virtually everything in their path of movement[2] direction and wider width. Therefore when such movements occur; Human population, environmental space and physical structures can not be exempted from the destruction. Thus this theme mapping becomes extremely of significant importance to life saving mission through its monitoring and mapping design employed.

[1] Stevenson, Siegal. 2006.  Remote Sensing Application in Geology. Pp. 289

[2] Weber, Charles. 2005. Methodology for Regional Mapping of Natural Hazards using Remote Sensing and GIS. Pp. 331

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