Essay: Voting Rights for the District of Columbia

Essay: Voting Rights for the District of Columbia
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Write a paragraph to convince your party colleagues if they should support, or not support, or wait until they get more information, voting rights for the District of Columbia?

The voting rights for D.C. District are a refresher for the citizens; however, I would suggest all of my colleagues not to support the bill, as this would shred the citizens of their capabilities to position their own gun laws. Historically, this bill has been under a lot of surveillance and has been delayed again for this year. The Senate approved a D.C. voting rights last year in February, along with the words that would remove the majority of local gun laws and limit the District’s authority to ratify new ones.

The legislation was laid in the White House when leaders documented they would have complexity jamming the gun amendment law. Under the power to vote, the House decided to bring in 2 additional members. One of them will be a Democratic stronghold District and the second one will be Republican-leaning Utah on a temporary basis. All this said the voting rights attained at this high a price are not acceptable.

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