Essay: Waiting Analysis

Essay: Waiting Analysis
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Analysis of Characteristics of Designs

The Design 1 uses 5 check-in kiosks and 2 staffed lanes. The characteristics Design 1 and 2 Kiosk2 are that customers arrive randomly and the wait in the queue until they get served with balking allowed. The presence of Kiosks means there can be multiple channels with multiple phases of service. The Design 1 and 2 staffed lanes are characterized by arrivals of customers and waiting in the queue to be served with no balking. Though there are multiple channels, each channel has a single phase operation.

Average Wait Time of Each Design

Average Wait Time = 0.80 * (Average wait time of self-check) + 0.20*(Average wait time of assisted check-in)

For Design 1

Average wait time in system = 0.8 * (51 seconds) + * 0.2 (360 seconds) = 113 seconds

For Design 2

Average wait time in system = 0.8 * (90 seconds) * 0.2 (144 seconds) = 101 seconds.

Cost per Hours of Design 1 and 2

Using the above calculations to find out the total cost for design 1 and 2

Total Cost per hour = Cost of Customer wait per hour * average number of customers in the system + number of servers * service cost per server per hour

For Design 1

Average number of customer in Kiosks = 1.14

Average number of Customers in Staffed Lanes = 2

Total Cost per hour = 10 * 3.14 + 2 * 9.25 = $49.9

For Design 2

Average number of Customers in Kiosks = 2

Average number of Customers in Staffed Lane = 0.8

Total Cost per hour = 10 * 2.8 + 3 * 9.25 = $ 55.75

Breakeven cost for Design 1 and 2

Both systems will be break-even if the average number of customers in Design 2 can be brought down to 2.21 customers.

Comparison and Recommendation

Design 1 though offer  low waiting time for customers in self check-in , however only two staffed lanes means that the customer wafting time to be served by staff will take much more longer than that of Design 2. However, Design 1 is much less cheaper than Design two with the cost of $50 per hour. Since, the waiting time of customers for Design 1 does not vary much from Design 2 it is recommended to go ahead with Design 1.

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