Essay: Walden Civil Disobedience

Essay: Walden Civil Disobedience
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Henry David Thoreau assesses the laws enforced by the government critically and condemns the American policies. He begins the writing by an argument that the government is an artificial source originating its power from the mainstream because they are the strongest assembly not because they have a justifiable point of view. The author condemns the American policies especially slavery and the Mexican-American War.

The author stressfully opposes the commitment of following the orders given by the majority and stresses to do what is believed to be correct by one’s own sense. People should refrain from following the law and keep distant from the government if its unjust in the whole. A person is supposed to refrain from contributing in evils rather than destroying it completely. He further states that the government of USA is an unjust government signified by the support to hostile war and slavery.

The author correlates his own experiences as a role model which stood against the iniquitous government. He rejected to pay in contribution to slavery and spent a night in jail also. Dogmatically, he separated himself from involving in governmental institutions.  (SparkNotes Editors)

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