Essay: WAMP

Essay: WAMP
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WAMP is a Windows base dynamic website development stack which stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  Currently, it is perhaps the most popular stack that is used for PHP development on Windows platform. Currently, there are a number of WAMP distributions available on the Internet, which are released by a number of organizations and may contain different versions of Apache, MySQL or PHP.

Apart from these main tools, each distribution may contain other tools as well, the number of which vary with each distribution. Most of the distributions include phpMyAdmin, a configuration tool for PHP, as well as Zend Optimizer which is PHP code accelerator. Other distributions may include libraries to support secure connections (SSL), DBMS Management function as well as additional support for Perl Language. Almost all of the WAMP stacks are distributed free of cost under GNU public license. It is also significant to mention here that in many WAMP stacks, Perl may be accompanied or replaced by Python language. All WAMP packages are controlled through a Control Panel from which the packaged tools can be configured as well and start and stopped as services. The control panel also allows for virtual web directories to be created in Apache while also allowing for MySQL and PHP setting to be modified through command lines. The phpMyAdmin tool allows for configuration Apache, PHP and MySQL through a web interface (My PC Quick Reference Website, 2009).

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