Essay: WAN Service

Essay: WAN Service
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The Frame Relay service provides a cost-efficient way to transmit intermittent data between LAN Network or between two endpoints of a WAN. The Frame Relay service uses Virtual Circuits, which are logical paths between source and destination, for data transmission (, 2009).  In the lines below a justification is given for choosing Frame Relay Service over X.25 and ATM.

Reasons for Choosing Frame Relay over X.25 Networks

Frame Relay provides an attractive alternative to X.25 when it comes to transmitting data over current WAN networks. The first reason for choosing Frame Relay over X.25 is  that X.25 was designed for transportation of data over high error rate links Frame Relay, on the other hand, takes advantage of the improved reliability of the communication lines and the increase error handling capability of end devices and does away with several services present in X.25 network including the time consuming error handling service, hence it offers speeds which are  up to 20 times faster than X.25 Networks (Data Connect Enterprise, 2009). The second reason is that Frame Relay is a Layer 2 Network while X.25 is a layer three network which also makes Frame Relay faster and thus preferable (, 2009). The round trip delay time of X.25 networks is also much higher than Frame Relay and only allows for static bandwidth allocation, contrary to Frame Relay networks which permit dynamic allocation of the bandwidth (Wang, 2002 p.37). X.25 circuits, however, offer an advantage over Frame Relay, as they do allow for their initiation and termination from user terminals in contrast to Frame Relay circuits which can only be setup at the time of installation. This advantage, however, is not very useful in WAN configuration ( Data Comm for Business, 2009) and we have chosen to give less weight to it thus preferring Frame Relay over X.25.

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