Essay: War Crimes in Darfur

Essay: War Crimes in Darfur
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Recently, the international criminal court after much deliberation found the Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir guilty of war crimes in Darfur. In response he has shut down more than a dozen aid groups in Darfur effectively ending aid to more than 2 million of its citizens. These expulsions have left these displaced people without proper access to clean water, food and health care. Aside from the fear of shortage of food in the coming months they will also have to contend with malaria, dengue fever and cholera. Rebel leaders have also demanded in certain camps that citizens refuse the help of the relief parties from the Non- Government Organizations (Warner).

If humanity is described as the abilities and characteristics of human beings then it would stand to reason that not only is the Sudanese government devoid of humanity. But the United Nations and all participating world powers are also responsible. The United Nations is a governing body that was created not only to regulate world issues, thus endeavoring to present calamities such as this. But also as a body which would regulate countries in using their maximum resources. Lack of foreign mandate to intervene in this crisis the United Nations has essentially been left with enough authority to provide a supporting role. In fact recent reports showed that most of the arms that are entering Sudan come from Russian and China (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute).

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