Essay: War to Defend the Independence of Whites

Essay: War to Defend the Independence of Whites
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Even the institution of church had not passed any law for them to be implemented. The slaves were considered as those dumb and deaf who have no rights for anything. All the benefits that a civilian enjoys are not enjoyed by the slaves. Education and religious practices were not allowed to the slaves. Criticism by a Presbyterian church happened to be a very cold effort for giving the slaves their rights. First of all they were not able to give them any rights and secondly there was no spirit to support them for offering their religious congregations. Even the religious convictions were victimized. This thing was terrible which showed racism in every aspect of the society (Linda, 2006).

McPherson in his book talks about slavery that it differed in North and South of America. The southern America was working to abolish slavery of whites only. They called for a war to defend the independence of whites especially when they are being enslaved by the Blacks. They used to go to those regions and get the white people to provide them with food, shelter and work (McPherson, 2000).

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