Essay: War on Terror

Essay: War on Terror
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Terrorism is no doubt one of the most significant issues facing the US. Following the 9/11 terror attacks, this aspect became recognized as a dire threat to the country’s security and the reality of it could not be overemphasized. As such, the country declared an imminent war against terrorism including devising crucial strategies for preventing the occurrence of such in the future. Amidst the ongoing war on terror there has been an equivocal realization that domestic terrorism is indeed rampant in the country. There is an enemy within the US who may be very instrumental in facilitating international terrorists. Following this revelation, homeland security has endeavored to capture and prosecute domestic terrorists effectively.

Growing concerns in the war against domestic terrorism have arisen with the credibility of administering Miranda rights to terrorists being questioned. Indeed, it becomes paramount throughout this paper that it is in the nations’ best interests that such terrorists are not accorded the Miranda warning. Intelligence and information is the key to eliminating terrorism and it will be showcased that Miranda rights are a hindrance to the acquisition of this. Domestic terrorists who are read the Miranda warning have been seen to cramp up and fail to collaborate in investigations. As such, this paper will seek to argue that the nation’s welfare in terms of alleviating terrorism must take precedence and that domestic terrorists should not be accorded Miranda rights.

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