Essay: Third Wave Feminism

Essay: Third Wave Feminism
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There are some experiences shared by those normal girls who do not fulfill the discussed above criteria. Dyan writes in an article that Africans and Americans have quite a different characterizations being fat and thin. For Africans it is an utter wish to be healthy so they have to eat more in order to be healthy and not thin (Young). Carolyn Macklor states in her article that extra hair on body parts prevents a girl to look feminine (Macklor).

Amelia Richards make a comment on third wave feminism, where every woman wants to keep up with a highly feminine image with untiring efforts of achieving beauty standards (Richards). Lee Damsky suggests the ballet dancing known as ballet tutus for achieving the perfect feminism with strength and feminine grace united (Damsky). Plus-size model Kate Dillon tells about her eating disorders, another plus size model Toccara lost her smartness and had an issue with weight that she started dieting but her tendency did not allow her to do so and it became shameful for her in front of others (Fans of Reality TV). Another such story is told by Elizabeth Luther about a plus-size model Kate who narrates her dark childhood bravely; only when she entered her junior high school, she became victim first of her overall body image in school, and then she herself started feeling disgusting for herself.

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