Essay: What is Web 2.0

Essay: What is Web 2.0
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Web 2.0 is an integrated medium that consists of a set of tools allowing people to share, communicate and merge together via social and professional portals. People from different communities and regions use these tools for social and professional matters.

Similarly, marketers all over the world are communicating with customers via web 2.0 (See information flow in Appendix 1.1). Tools used in web 2.0 help marketers to enhance their product development, service facility and widen their promotional scope. There is always a clear understanding of the difference between web 1.0 and web 2.0 for marketers all across the globe. Web 2.0 made responsiveness and feedback easier both for customers and marketers such as blogging, social networking, internet advertising, and costs to marketers etc. Big companies use web 2.0 to further, enhance and remove, communication barriers both for consumers and business entities (Parise et al. 2008).

MarketNet is an online group page to gather student groups – alumni groups to create a marketing network of marketing students from all backgrounds and tenure of programs. The membership of MarketNet group is only limited to the members of MarketNet (Facebook). Web 2.0 is an amazing idea for MarketNet as far as marketing, promotion, discussions and group events are concerned. Later, in this paper, we will describe the strategic relationship between MarketNet and web 2.0.

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