Essay: Weblogs in Bahrain

Essay: Weblogs in Bahrain
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The external sites that have been cited on the Internet include a local blog and news sites as well as international newspapers and other information websites. The main purpose of the blog was to make an attempt at bridging the cultural gaps between the Arab world and the rest of the world by finding similarities and showing how progressive, modern and tolerant Arab world, especially Bahrain truly is.

By celebrating and highlighting the achievements of the young generation of Bahrain as well as by showing that people in Bahrain lead a life that is very similar to how other people live in other parts of the world. Another purpose of this blog is to highlight the importance and power of Internet and especially weblogs and the revolution that can be brought in by its usage. It provides it reader with more insight into Arabic society, their customs, traditions and the way Arab think. It also provides the reader with information about the Arabian culture, food, entertainment and the trends in fashion and technology which are currently being followed in Bahrain. The information present within the post of weblog covers a wide variety of topics related to current affairs in different Arab countries.

The blog itself focuses on Arabic issues since the blog specifies that the criteria used for inclusion of news and information of the blog are the inclusion or exclusion of a country from Arab League. The information included in Mahmood’s Den covers a wide range of topics which range from current affairs, International Affairs, flowers and plants, lifestyle, technology as well as social issues. This information provides the reader a detailed understanding of life in Bahrain as well as increase the knowledge of the reader on interesting topics. Most of the topics in Mahmood’s website are analyzed from Bahrain’s perspective and the author specifically talks how the topic relates to the Bahrain. The posts on the website are written in a light-hearted manner which not only captures the interest of the reader but also makes him or her think about the highlighted issues.

The boldness of the writing, as well as the uniqueness of expression and the news itself, has made the blog popular among the top Bahraini websites. The Mahmood’s Den weblog was created to change the perception of how the Arab world is viewed in the rest of the world. It brings to light a vibrant, positive and interesting part of Bahrain which is often ignored in the media. Through Mahmood’s Den, an attempt has been made it bringing forward the highlights of life in Bahrain which can portray Bahrain and the Arab world as progressive, non-aggressive and tolerant societies which have their own flavor of living and their own style of mourning and celebration.

The topics of the blog are written from a modern perspective contrary to the belief that Arab society is conservative and closed, as it is shown on media, especially in the west. Mahmood’s Den also has a clear Agenda, which is to bring forward the positive side of the Arab world, especially Bahrain for people to see. Also on its agenda is to highlight the place of Bahrain in the cyberspace and develop the interest of Bahrainis among technology while increasing their knowledge and awareness on various topics. Furthermore, it also celebrates the achievement of young Bahrainis through video clips in an attempt to show off the talent present in Bahrain, to show the positive picture of the Bahrain to the outside world as well as to inspire others to follow similar footsteps (Yasir).

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