Essay: Weblogs

Essay: Weblogs
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Both of the blogs have a different focus; therefore, cover issues from a different perspective. The Al-Bab blog is more concerned with currently going on regional events with relevance to terrorism, social and political issues that are present in various Arab countries in the Middle East. It mostly contains posts about issues which require attention and serious thinking and discussions on them. On the other hand, Mohammad’s Den mostly focuses on issues related to Bahrain. It covers a wide variety of topics which are related to Bahrain in one way or the other. These topics include technology, politics, special events, and celebrations as well as celebrities and personalities. It contains a mix of serious and humorous topics which are not only thought to provoke but also makes the reader feel light while providing up-to-date information about them.

Both sites use a different approach to cover a story. Al-Bab mostly concentrates on an expressing through text, with occasional posts containing pictures to illustrate the post. These photos are mostly emotionally neutral and only serve to illustrate the object or event that has been mentioned in the post. The purpose of the image can only be fully understood after reading the posts. Mohammad’s Den on the end makes use of the vivid images in order to illustrate the purpose of the post. The emotions are bright and bold, through which the author tries to bring out the true nature of the event or the object which has been discussed in the blog posts. These can be graphics or unsuitable for some viewers or even to all users under some conditions (like Not Safe for Work images). The use of images not only helps the reader make a guess what is in the post but also helps in increasing the readability of the post along with the funny style of writing of the author.

Both logs show a similar point of view when it comes to how they view the Arab countries. Al-Bab by Brian Whitaker presents a perspective of Arab countries as they are, raising awareness among the readers about the problems in Arab countries and tries to act as a connection between Arab and other cultures by finding out the common points between them. Al-Bab blog also claims that it celebrates the achievements of Arab culture while also discussing its failing openly. Mohammad’s Den, on the other hand, has a different focus. Most of it post relate to Bahrain. The post on the blog appears to take a more positivistic approach to represent various aspects of issues in Bahrain as well in the international arena. It shows Bahrain in a celebrated way in an attempt to dispel the image that the author of the site believe Muslim in general and Arabs, in particular, suffer from.

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