Essay: Western Civilization History

Essay: Western Civilization History
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The literal meaning of this term is defined as the education that develops understanding of knowledge and the further disseminating it. The enlightenment is a term used to define a period of time in Western philosophy and cultural life in the early 18th century in which reason was taken as the ultimate source for acquiring knowledge. This paper is going to highlight the ideas of philosophers in order to know how the west became civilized in the era of those thinkers. Necessary support through sources is given for better understanding.

  1. 1. The philosophies insisted that reason and experience are all we need to find the truth.

The history of Western philosophy has been persuaded by the basic difference between reason and experience as the establishment of awareness. It is the conflict between rationalism and empiricism. What can differentiate between rationalism and empiricism is something which is understood without any experience and something which can only be understood with the help of experience is known as Priori and Posteriori relation. Another key to understand this difference would be the analytical approach which gives information that is already comprised in the context of the involved terms opposed by something that compels to bring together various concepts and provide significant material, called the Analytic and Synthetic relation (Britton, 2008).

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