Essay: What does Artificial Intelligence Brings In

Essay: What does Artificial Intelligence Brings In
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The role of Artificial Intelligence in the study of HCI as well in HCI technologies has been improving on a constant basis. The use of Artificial Intelligence brings in two advantages to the field of HCI. First, the use of Artificial Intelligence offers a number of cognitive models that can be used for representing the user, while also providing means to test these models. Artificial Intelligence also offers the possibility of making the device through which the humans interface with computers, intelligent (MIT University, 1997).

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, the domain that can be implemented in HCI include  knowledge representation and reasoning,  which is concerned with the notion of thinking, planning which allows the intelligent agents in AI to work according to set goals and achieve them; Learning,  which allows for the ability to find patterns in the stream of input, Natural Language Processing,  which allows HCI the ability to read as well as understand the language that is spoken by the user; Perception, which provide the HCI with the ability to use inputs from the sensors in order to reduce various aspects of the user’s world (Daan & Jong, 2008). Technology which falls in this category includes speech recognition, the object as well as facial recognition. The use of AI also allows for the implementation of such techniques which can be used to predict the actions of others, through gaining an understanding of their motives as well as their state of emotion. Through the implementation of these technologies that AI would not only help in developing HCI interfacing, that better understand the needs of the user, but are also intelligent enough the increase their knowledge base as they are used, thereby creating more utility for their users (Nebel & Lakemeyer, 2003).

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