Essay: What XML and Java support exists in the IBM System

Essay: What XML and Java support exists in the IBM System
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Java is a key application development environment for IBM System i5 server. A new Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is included in all IBM platforms. This new JVM supports JDK 1.5 and doesn’t need any code change for the vast majority of Java Applications. The System i5 servers support Java by providing two components, The IBM Developer Kit for Java and IBM Toolkit for Java. The IBM Developer Kit for Java facilitates the creation of full-scale Java applications as well as applets. The System i5 Series also supports the use of multiple development kits for Java.

The IBM Toolbox for Java provide a collection of classes to write Java application, applets and servlets to access data on the System i5 server. It also provides a collection of classes for creating graphical user interface (GUI). The IBM WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries contains plug-ins for Java as well as J2EE development environment and Enterprise Java Beans support. The IBM WebSphere Application Server allows for Java Web applications to be run on existing Web servers. On the other hand, XML is considered a key technology for B2B solutions that link together trading partners and persuasive computing applications. The XML support in iSeries servers is provided in the form of XML Toolkit. It provides a collection of APIs that assist in the creation, navigation, and modification of XML document content. The XML application enablers included in i5/OS include XML parsers for use with Java and C++ applications, XML parsing interfaces for languages such as RPG, COBOL and C, and an XSL processor that is used to transform XML documents into another markup language format ( Bresenham, McClymont, Powers, Reinhardt & Watson, 2006).

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