Essay: White collar crime

Essay: White collar crime
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White-collar crime is not a new kind of crime given the fact that it has been existent for a very long period. Although many people know it commonly as corruption, it can also be expressed otherwise as any other crime and not necessarily corruption (Weisburd, 1999, p.13). White-collar crime is defined as a crime committed by persons regarded to be reputable and have a high economic status and mainly belonging to the working class of the community (Aubert, 1999, p. 301). In other words, these people are regarded as employed in “clean” jobs- office thus the name of the crime, white-collar crime.

Suspected individuals usually are required by law to cooperate with law enforcement agents in terms of arrest. Whether one feels that he or she is innocent, maximum cooperation is still a requirement and any resistance to arrest may end up influencing the verdicts incase one is convicted (Edelhertz,1999, p. 13). Arrested persons are given in details the procedure to follow in preparation of a defense. To successfully prepare a defense, a suspect is allowed to meet attorneys specializing criminal law and specifically either finance or commercial law (Edelhertz, 1999, p.14)

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