Essay: White collar crime-nature of the case

Essay: White collar crime-nature of the case
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The defense may successfully advocate to have charges dropped or reduced depending on the nature of the case as assessed by their point of view. They may also negotiate if available, for a diversion programme. Alternatively, they may negotiate for probation instead of time in prison. In the event that all the above are not possible, then the defense have no any other alternative but to defend the right of a suspect (Edelhertz, 1999, p.18). The outcome of their efforts is however energized and more vibrant if their client is able to pay well.

This nature of crimes falls under criminal, finance, business, cyber or corporate law depending on legal jurisdiction. Criminal codes are assessed basing on the place where it has occurred for example the country, state or nation (Newman et al. 2003, p.54). The type of crime may vary from a felony or a misdemeanor in respect to the nature of the crime with punishments ranging from fines, probation incarceration among other penalties that may be associated with the crime.

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