Essay: White collar crime-punitive measures

Essay: White collar crime-punitive measures
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In instances where a suspect had planned extensively to steal or defraud large amounts of money or any other property through soliciting, then the punitive measures are approached basing on the loss incurred by victims of such crime( Friedrichs, 2003, p. 13). This plays a major role in determining the applicable punishments whose durations are determined by the nature of the crime.

Different allegations are associated with white-collar crimes. These allegations are usually derived from the sectors where these crimes are committed and this is mainly inside offices or employment venues. Misreporting of returns, conditions, and other opportunity of investment status with an aim of defrauding other individuals in an investment arrangement usually amount to an investment fraud (Weisburd, et. al.1999, p.77). Corporate crime is detected easily when there is an attempt within a corporate to embezzle funds, avoid, or evade paying of taxes and money laundering.

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