Essay: Who Should Filter The Internet

Essay: Who Should Filter The Internet
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In the recent years, the Internet has become a crucial part of everyone’s life. Activities on the Internet are regulated by national and international bodies and it is a well-known fact that international human right laws such as freedom of speech and access to information, also applies on the Internet just as they apply to any other media. However, exploitation of this law often takes place and presents a challenge to regulators who make significant efforts to minimize these activities. While media such as television, radio, and print are easy to keep watch on and they can be regulated easily by governments; on the Internet, the geographical borders are very easy to pass; hence undesirable contents can be accessed quickly, from any part of the world. To counter the negative effects of the Internet, governments around the world tighten the rules for the Internet access, which include Internet Content Filtering.

Content Filtering

Content filtering refers to the blocking of contents on the Internet which may pose harm or can be offensive to the users. Content filtering can be done at various points on the Internet route. It can be on an individual basis, implemented by ISP itself or can be done by the government.

The Need for Internet Content Filtering

Many countries use Internet content filtering as a political tool by blocking access to the sites that they deem will have a negative effect on the law and order situation in their country or will go against the current regime. Sites that are blocked are usually from the opposition or the human rights NGO which strongly oppose the regime for one way or the other. Though in these countries, the block actually violates the UN’s human right convention on free speech, there is other critically important reason as well, which have lead to national content filtering even by the developed countries.

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