Essay: Why Information Security is Hard Code

Essay: Why Information Security is Hard Code
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Information Security is critical for today’s business and it is important for IT professionals to understand its significance and the issues involved in providing Information Security. Though businesses and organizations try hard to perfectly secure the confidential information they posses, their security measures often fail for different reasons. The topic and theme of the given article are the reason why a perfect information security solution is impossible due to motives of manufactures of these solutions as well as those companies who implement them. The article highlight the facts that manufacturers are more interested in running their businesses and use a number of tactics to ensure their success, while on the other hand, their customers are also more interested in the budget of the security solution than in ensuring comprehensive security solution.

This article provide a detailed discussion of behaviors and tactics used the security products manufacturers to keep themselves on the top of their businesses and  I have found out the research question for this article to be “Though the resources for implementing a comprehensive security solution are available are manufacturers of these solutions really serious about security?”. I believe that the research methodology used for this paper is qualitative interpretative research methodology (Berntsen, Østerlie, & Sampson, 2004) and it contains no apparent errors or omissions.

This article presents a very solid case of author’s argument. I have noted that the author has presented a lot of examples throughout the article to support his stance in the when discussing the behavior of information security solutions providers. In the introductory part of the paper, the author has presented the examples of how the responsibilities of US and Europe banks are in contrast, when it comes to disputing a customer transaction and failure to protection of patient information by insurer, in order to signify how the rules of security are exploited by businesses for their own benefit (Anderson, 1994). While trying to present a precise picture of how hostile the information technology market is, the author has quoted three features of information technology market from (Varian, 1993). Further, in the paper, the author has quoted Odylzko’s observation (Odylzko, 1998) of Microsoft’s favoritism of developers in order to support his claim that many information technology products manufacturers consider security features as a value-subtract.

Later on, while explaining the tactics manufacturers use to deny their customers free market, the author has presented the example of DVD Content Scrambling System, which required the manufacturers of compatible equipment to sign up a list of copyright measures (Bloom, Cox, Kalker, Linnartz, Miller, & Traw, 1999). The author has also mentioned the tactics used by manufacturers to balloon up the price of their products by comparing it will classes in the aircraft and has quoted Julies DePaul’s explanation (Dupuit, 1849) of a similar phenomenon in 1849. Later, explaining another tactic used by manufacturers to increase the switching cost, the author has backup his work with the example of authentication used in printers and mobile batteries from (Anderson, 2001). Furthermore, while claiming that many security features provided by manufacturers in their products create a huge attack target, an example of Microsoft passport from has been provided (Rubin & Kormann, 2000). There are also a number of unquoted examples illustrating a various phenomenon that the author has used to present his point of view. The author has cited different sources in order to guide the reader for an explanation of this phenomenon.

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