Essay: Windows 2003 versus Windows 2000 Member of Feature

Essay: Windows 2003 versus Windows 2000 Member of Feature
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Windows 2000 and 2003 are two of the most popular server operating system among businesses worldwide. They allow businesses to host and share applications and data within their organizations while providing a mean to control access to a computer and network resources. This is accomplished in Windows 2000 and 2003 through the creation of users and groups that are associated with each user.  Windows 2000 and 2003 both allow for the creation of users and group through the management console.

The relationship between a user and a group is maintained through the Member Of screen that is present in the properties window of the user account in the management console. This screen allows for addition modification and deletion of rights of the user, which are set through policies applied to a group. The Member Of screen in Windows 2003 differs from its predecessor, Windows 2000, in terms of group membership functionalities it provides. For example, a new group policy feature has been introduced by Microsoft with Windows 2003 Server, which is called Restricted Groups. This feature facilitates the control of membership in the local groups on member servers and workstations. The Member Of screen in Windows 2003 now allows the administrator to control the membership of this group as well (Scales, 2006). Furthermore, Windows 2003 has also changed the way objects are added and replicated in the active directory. In Windows 2000, the group membership replications were done through copying of entire group membership to domain controllers and global catalog servers (GC). However, in Windows 2003, when the members are added to groups through Member Of screen, only the new members of the group are replicated to these servers. This solves the universal group replication issue which was present in Windows 2000 (Snedaker, 2004).

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