Essay: Windows XP Printing

Essay: Windows XP Printing
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Your workgroup has a single physical printer. One person in the workgroup generates many memos and other short documents, while another produces very long documents that are (usually) less time-sensitive than the memos. You can’t add another printer to the network, and both users must be able to print throughout the workday.  How can you make sure that the memos are printed in a timely fashion?

Windows XP offers a lot of features which aid in making resources available on the network while also offering flexibility is setting their use. For the problem, when two persons have to share the same printer on the network, with one person having smaller jobs while other produces long print jobs with lower priority, a solution can be obtained by setting the priority of a print job in computers of both persons. The print jobs will then be worked on according to the print jobs priority with higher priority jobs printing first. Hence in this way the printer can be used efficiently on the network while making sure that both people get their print jobs done on time. In order to set the print job priority, Printer queue should be viewed under the “Printers and Faxes” panel in Windows XP. Taking properties of each print job will bring up a panel with three tabs which are General, Layout and Paper/Quality. Under the General tab, a slider control can be found which can be moved to set the priority of the print job higher or lower. From here a print job can also be scheduled. Furthermore, in the case of urgent need, the jobs can be manually paused or restarted as well from the Printer Queue by right clicking any print job (Barker & Bogue, 2002).

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