Essay: Wines Served with Caviar

Essay: Wines Served with Caviar
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The best and only wine served with caviar is Champagne and that too preferably a dry brut. Champagne Duval-Leroy Brut is a good choice for a brut when serving Blinis. The wine is medium straw in color, with a fine bead. There is also an aroma of red apples, light chalk and wet stone. It is medium full in body, round and rich in taste with a good complexity and a flavorful finish.

Another win which goes well with caviar is rose wine. This wine though underappreciated has a pleasantly fresh aroma and taste. It does not have too much acidity and does not have too much body. On the palate the taste of fresh fruits and flowers is complemented by certain crispness.

It is important that the wines served with caviar do not have a strong flavor in order to avoid it overwhelming the flavor and texture of caviar. In addition the sparkling acidity cuts and plays the oil and salt of the caviar giving it a rich flavor. Additionally….

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