Essay: Wireless Internet

Essay: Wireless Internet
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Today, Information Technology has revolutionized the way people about their life. Not only it has changed the way businesses conduct themselves but have also proven advantageous to the industry by bringing changes to its process and procedures. Another major impact of IT has been in education and in homes. The use of computers and the Internet has not only made it possible for academia to share their researchers quickly and more effectively, but it has also proved to be a cheaper way for people to communicate with each other as well as to gain information and news. Many businesses, industries, universities, and homes now have an Internet connection which is shared via wired and wireless connectivity. The use of wireless devices is advantageous because it makes it possible to access the information on the Internet regardless of the location of the user within the coverage area. Those who have adopted the innovation and change brought by the use of Information Technology have certainly reaped its rewards and it is believed that this training facility can also benefit largely from it. Hence, the purpose of this paper is to present the case and justifications for the provision of wireless Internet service at the military training facility (Rhoton, 2002).

Statement of Problem

The current facilities at the Military Training Academy are not sufficient enough for the information and communication needs of the soldiers who come here for training. Furthermore, the remote location of the facility makes it difficult for soldiers to arrange for latest newspapers and magazine which could act as their source of entertainment. It is recommended that the leadership at the training facility become committed to the innovation of wireless Internet connectivity which would allow the soldiers to use the Internet services.

Reasons for Recommendation

The facility currently does not have a major implementation of any latest technologies and it is believed that the services at the facilities can be vastly improved if new technologies are adopted for use. The provision of the Internet is one of such innovations that can be done at the facility to improve the experience of the soldiers at the facility and also help them in increasing their knowledge and awareness. There are several other reasons for this recommendation as well. Some of these reasons are given below.

The Only Way to Get Updated News and Information

Being a military installation, the training facility itself is situated away from the civilian population. Therefore, it is very difficult for soldiers to gain access to newspapers and magazine or any other print media that are published everyday, which hinders them from keeping themselves updated with the latest news and information on the events happening in the area as well as the current regional and world affairs which would keep them mentally ready for any unforeseen situation that may arise.

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