Essay: Wireless Privacy

Essay: Wireless Privacy
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Security is a vital aspect of computer networks. Information that travels through the medium, with which the computers are connected, may contain vital information such as user identified data, company’s confidential information as well as user’s private data. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that this information remains free from interception or it must not be understood even if an attacker gains access to it. This holds true for wired and wireless networks.

While a wired network may be inherently easier to secure as it requires the attacker to be present near the cable or a network device, wireless network’s area of coverage cannot be restricted. That means that an attacker may carry out an attack, even if he was well away from any device. In the past, Wired Equivalence Privacy (WEP) standard was used to provide the security to the wireless network. However, it was identified that the security it provided was easily compromised with readily available off the shelf tools. Hence it was succeeded by Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) which is currently used in Wireless LAN standards. The purpose of this report is to describe the features of these protocols and provide a comparative analysis of their capabilities from a network manager point of view.

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