Essay: Wireless Sensor Networks

Essay: Wireless Sensor Networks
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Question 1: In the paper ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Successful Wireless Sensor Network Deployments’ from SenSys 2008, the authors report on experience with the development, testing, and deployment of wireless sensor network applications.  Select any one of these three categories and, in your own words, summarize the challenges reported in that area.

The challenges in the development of SensorScope included gaining the full understanding of the environment where the sensor network to be deployed. This was necessary in order to expose the failure points in the SensorScope system. However many failures in measurements of the environment occurred which lead to difficulties in the precise development of such system. Another challenge was the varying nature of crystals used in sensor motes, which varied their oscillation with temperature, making it difficult to have a constant reference point in a 24 hour day/night cycle. During the development phase, another challenge that was faced by the team was the packaging of the sensors. Since the purpose of SensorScope was outdoor deployment, its sensors needed a shell which could protect its electronic parts from dust and humidity while causing minimal or no obstruction in the utility of the sensors. However, despite having a strong effort made by the team to offer the best protection, the early SensorScope network was still far from protected as there were several sensor failures and node reboots causing the team to review and improve the design. Another challenge faced during the development phase by the team was the use of LEDs in the sensors. There were three LEDs in each sensor consuming 9mA of current while the radio chip only consumed 15mA. Therefore, in order to efficiently manage the power, the team wrote a special module for controlling LEDs. Furthermore, there was also the challenge of achieving a positive balance between energy producers and consumers while still maintaining autonomy. Other challenges mentioned in the paper include the ability to change network parameters remotely, debugging the programming code on sensor motes as well as the presence of end-user at all stages of deployment preparations (Barrenetxea, Ingelrest, Schaefer, & Vetterli, 2008).

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