Essay: Women are emotional and less superior

Essay: Women are emotional and less superior
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Of great concern is the fact that a gendered viewpoint perceives women to be emotional and therefore less superior to men who are labelled ‘rational’. These differences according to Haste (1994: 88) have been perpetuated by the dualistic standpoint that considers the male status as an ideal of the female status. In order to address these challenges in a sustainable manner, Haste (1994: 92) shows that there is need to unmask the labels and inform the population about how the metaphors influence the current perception of gender.

Clarification of the ‘logos’ according to her requires the creation of anti logos to provide the alternative and viable visions. These anti logos are presumably inclined in the fundamental feelings of femaleness that make the female rational. Notably, these are inaccessible to men and they should be employed in empowering and strengthening the women in order to raise them to an equal footing with their male counterparts.

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