Essay: Women and homosexuals in World War 2

Essay: Women and homosexuals in World War 2
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In Reyna and Shapiro’s writings on the trends of women and sexual orientation in the military we learn that in times of need during World War II, women were allowed to serve in the military in both nonfighting roles and as support for the main forces. Like homosexuals, women faced hesitancy on the part of the public to accept them as combat capable soldiers in the beginning of the 20th century (Torres-Reyna & Shapiro, 2002).

History of discrimination against homosexuals

Unlike Women, however, homosexuals are still fighting for their right to serve in the United States military. According to Sinclair, during World War II the restrictions on homosexuals in the military were actually reduced when the Army had a need for more soldiers during a time of intense conflict. Later on, when the need for soldiers eased, they once again increased the restrictions back to their previous levels. Given that 16 million men and women enlisted during World War 2 it is not inconceivable to believe that there were several homosexuals serving at that time in the military (Sinclair, 2009).

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