Essay: Women leadership in Philippine

Essay: Women leadership in Philippine
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Philippine is one of the countries in which capabilities of women leadership have emerged and clearly portrayed. The country has seen two women rise to presidency in the last fifteen years. Corazon Aquinon was the first female in Philippine to ascend to the presidency. Fifteen years later, the then Vice President Macapagal-Arroyo Gloria succeeded Joseph Estrada. Indeed tot only was a rare for a woman to be elected the country’s president, but it was also very rare for that to happen in the Philippine country (Greenberg, 2005, pp.5-33).

Unlike in other countries, family ties are a very crucial factor in ensuring that women in the country win political positions of leadership (McLean, Osman-Gani & Cho, 2004). Even though the Philippines political landscape and structure is modeled in a similar manner to that of America, the culture which was established during the Spanish colonial era have a greater influence to the leadership patterns in the country. In Philippine, culture and wealth also plays a great role in determining people who are elected in leadership positions. The cultural constructions of women as ‘Madonnas’ in Philippine normally allow for succession politics. Arroyo’s election was very symbolic to corrupt leadership the year 20oo when she was elected to presidency. The great gender imbalances in the country in other leadership positions and retrogressive culture and stereotypes have continued to hinder women’s ascendance to leadership (Lorsch, 1978; Legge, 2004).

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