Essay: Women should participate in policy formulation

Essay: Women should participate in policy formulation
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To begin with, Bryant and Vorderer (2006: 36) indicate that there is need to ensure that women are given a chance to participate actively in policy formulation, implementation and enforcement. Only then will their needs be incorporated in the entire process. This representation should be encouraged in all sectors of the society, including the criminal justice system. In particular, measures need to be undertaken to ensure that that there are sufficient female police officers and other official such as lawyers and judges that represent the rights of women in the criminal justice system (Home Office, 2007). This would ensure that female offenders and victims are given a fair representation and that their needs are addressed accordingly.

With regard to crime and the relative assumptions and stereotypes, Cassel and Jenkins (1998: 76) suggest that a holistic approach needs to be assumed when addressing crime. This would be in line with the feminist criminology perspective that argues that understanding crime requires that it be analyzed from a multifaceted perspective. In particular, all aspects of the crime need to be evaluated in order to come up with sustainable assumptions regarding the causes, effects and prevention of the same. Notably, this informed basement is critical in solving the inherent challenges regarding crime by relevant stakeholders.

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