Essay: Women perception about their bodies

Essay: Women perception about their bodies
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In this modernized world, most women have a perception that they do use to evaluate their worthy in the society. It is perceived that for a civilized and modern woman, success, beauty and acceptance are evaluated on the basis of their body thinness. Thus the culture of modern world has put great emphasis on the body image and thinness; hence it can be attributed to as core to the development of eating disorders.  In this regard, Eating disorders occur when there is a disturbance of eating habits or weight control behavior, which results in a clinically significant impairment of physical health or psychosocial functioning or both impairments (Foulks, 1998, pp. 78).

According to (Franko, 1998; Orosan, 2005; Reiger, 2008) eating disorders are categorized into three diagnostic classes. These classes are; bulimia nervosa which results from restricted food intake and binges often resulting in purging behaviors. Secondly, anorexia nervosa resulting from weight loss by severely limited food intake. And thirdly, eating disorders not otherwise specified like binge eating disorder or any other disorder that differs from anorexia or bulimia. However both three categories of the eating disorders are excluding obesity are characterized by body weight and shape.

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