Essay: Five women around Utamaro

Essay: Five women around Utamaro
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Mizoguchi’s apprehensions were a depiction of more social than political aspects in the post war Japan. His films were more focused towards reflecting the social issues of prejudice as well as a fear for his relative place in the world of Japanese films.

Five women around Utamaro is a wonderful and enthralling story of Utamaro Kitagawa (1753- 1806), who changed the tried to change the human sentiments through his wood block prints and tattooing artwork. At the same time Mizoguchi reflects his respect and fascination to his art work and devotion to self-expression in a time of strict conventionality (Rosenbaum, 1985). In Japan Kenji Mizoguchi was the first period film maker when Japan was under the American oppression. Many Japanese reviewers such as Iwasaki, Sato and Shindo, thought that Mizoguchi was so vulnerable by the limitations and his resistance to adjust to the fresh government that the film was unsuccessful in achieving Kenji’s common high standards; but more current re-evaluations such as that of Kirihara) have found the film specially attractive as a expression of the past tensions of the period.

Five Women around Utamaro was made in 1946, presenting a probing dichotomy of postwar Japanese films by giving a viewpoint of western influenced on the treason of social class and artistic independence, while at the same time moving on to more creativity and cultural containment imposed by American on the artists of Japan. A fascinating similarity is obtainable in enlightening that Utamaro’s artistic diligence, personal extravagance, and emotional coldness were replicated by Kenji Mizoguchi (Rivette, 1985).

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