Essay: Women as Victim of Society

Essay: Women as Victim of Society
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This thing ruined her self-respect completely and she started running after her image blindly, not listening to the voice of her inner soul, not knowing what makes her feel good. She was a fat and overweight girl and one day she proved herself as a model girl (Luther). Sara Houlihan in her memoirs shares that a woman does have some hair on her body but because of media hype and imitating celeb girls, this has become the custom to regularly shave off hair. Some simple natured girls when do not do it become the victim of society as dirty and old fashioned. The fact that they do not shave puts her in the eyes of public, avoiding which they start following this perverted custom (Houlihan).

These stereotypic concepts have led the women to certain complexes. Although many women do not want to expose off themselves, but their surroundings humiliate them in this situation. Hence to live in this society as an honorable stature, a woman ought to have these things in mind, or to have this much strength so as to face it and let go.

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