Essay: Women as Victims of Violence

Essay: Women as Victims of Violence
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From the current perception of crime, it can be contended that women have always been considered to be both physically and mentally weak and needy of male protection. Naffine (1996: 63) asserts that in most instances of crime, women are considered victims, rather than offenders. This is attributable to the perception of men as being masculine. In addition, men are associated with violence more than women.

This explains why women are always considered victims of violence. This has further been perpetuated by crimes such as rape, physical assault and domestic violence. The legal definition of these terms has also been implicated for undermining the position of women in the society. In general, women have continuously been considered powerless and therefore vulnerable to crime. However, the feminist criminology school of thought indicates that in order to fight crime accordingly, there is need for a paradigm shift in the thought process of the criminal justice system in this regard.

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