Essay: Work Systems at China Lafarge

Essay: Work Systems at China Lafarge
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The company had insufficient work system that cause the managerial carder fail to read the workforce notices. Initially, the work system was not tightly controlled that resulted to poor coordination of work and task accomplishment (Garrison, 2001). For instance, there was more than one person in one position which leads to absenteeism, less work to perform leading to idleness, playing of card and sleeping during working hours.

In a move to change the inefficient work system, the management adopted a performance appraisal system that was necessary to control ethical behaviours of employees. Lafarge Company ventured into restoring the workforce discipline. In collaboration with employees in a constructive discussion, an employee’s handbook in regard to rules and regulation was made. The discussion and involvement of employees in designing rules facilitated ease in implementation since it was employee centered as they owned the change and not imposed. This acted as a base of guiding and regulating indiscipline. Though the entire invention was a good step, the implementers were a bit harsh which enforced and undermined freedom space of employees. But communication increased understanding and appreciation of discipline as key to productive workforce.

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