Essay: Workers Using Hearing Protection

Essay: Workers Using Hearing Protection
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Training may offset the previous problem but other problems such as earmuffs not being worn for the entire duration of the exposure still exist. Use of such protection depends on a number of factors which are not limited to the awareness, discomfort and outlook of the individual among others. Knowledge of the importance of such devices as well as awareness of the risk and personal behavior systems of the individuals themselves of course come in play in this case. Studies conducted have shown that they are only worn 50% of the time, such exposures even for a few minutes can render hours of protection essentially useless (Reid, 2005). This is concurrent with studies conducted by Lusk, Kerr and Kauffman who concluded that workers only used hearing protection in 18 to 49% of the instances when they should have been used. They found only 25% of the workers used hearing protection consistently and that 44 to 65% of workers reported suffering from some form of hearing loss (Lusk, Kerr, & Kauffman, 1998).

This does not mean that interventions into these issues have not shown any measure of success. A study regarding the feasibility of a program to increase the hearing protection levels of farmers who work in high noise level environments found that an intervention consisting of providing knowledge regarding the dangers of noise levels, as well as areas of susceptibility helped to increase the use of hearing protection 2 months after its application. Other implements also included placing containers with hearing protectors throughout the farms and using interpersonal social relationships to create effective activities, as well as follow up brochures as reminders (DonnaM.Gates & Jones, 2007).

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