Essay: Worker’s Rights in Canada

Essay: Worker’s Rights in Canada
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The federal laws that have been put in place by the government protect every employee in Canada. These laws are put in place to ensure that no employee is mistreated. Whenever their rights are interfered with, they would always have an avenue through which they can complain and be heard. These laws cover so many aspects of employment. These aspects include:

1) Minimum number of hours employees are expected to work in a day;

2) How they are remunerated when they work overtime;

3) How much should the lowest earning person be paid; 4) what are the payment scale for various employees;

4) Which days qualify as public holidays or during a work day;

5) Which breaks are day entitled to i.e. lunch, tea break and for how long would they break;

6) If it clearly stipulates if they are entitled to any leave, how long.

7) In case where the employment is terminated, how would it be done?

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