Essay: Workers Rights-Rules IN the Work Place

Essay: Workers Rights-Rules IN the Work Place
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  • Rules regarding working hours and overtime are something that all employees in Canada experience. All employers are expected to adhere to the government set rules on the minimum working per day. When employees work for more hours, they are supposed to be compensated for that. There is a rate that has been set with regards to compensation of overtime (Hassmann, & Welch, 2006). Since no one is forced to work overtime, employers are not entitled to punish an employee because he did not work overtime. When workers work overtime, the employers cannot refuse to pay them their overtime pay.

  • In every market there are minimum rules that can be put by the players to reduce levels of exploitation. In Canada, the government has minimum wages for the people. This means that no one will be paid a salary of less than a certain amount. This is put in place so as to safeguard employees from rogue employers who would exploit them for very little returns. Without this minimum wage, it would become very difficult to control workplace pay (Cornell Law School 2009). This would affect the cost of living in return.
  • Employee payment should be done after some predetermined interval. This should be accompanies by a certain statement that would justify the pay. If there are any deductions from their salaries, those should be reflected in the statement that is given to them at the time (Hassmann, & Welch, 2006). Failure to have regular payment would cause a lot of problems to the employees. It is important to assist them in their budgeting and spending.
  • Paid leave is all right for most employees in Canada. After completing one year of employment with their employers, the employees are entitled to about two weeks of leave. During this leave period, they are supposed to be paid. This will assist them to move around during the period. It is meant to help the employers to relax and assist them get back to the moods to work.

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