Essay: The Working Poor

Essay: The Working Poor
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Contrary to the personal image exuded by the cover of “Working the Poor.” David Shipler has written a glimpse into the personal and professional lives of millions of Citizens working and living in the United States. They are the people constantly perched on the edge of poverty in search of the fabled American dream. Detail many of the complex and intricate problems facing the poor in the United States today.

One point that he makes an important note of writing again and again is that the system that governs the class system of the United States is fundamentally flawed. He acknowledges that the problems being faced by the working poor today are not as simple as not working hard enough to get what they want or that the poor are downtrodden. Instead he takes the time to take the reader through the system in place. He attempts to show both sides of a very complex issue by using real life stories from the perspective of single working mothers, employees and their employers.

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